SPARK: Supporting Parent-Child Activities for Reading and Knowledge

Discover the Magic of Reading Together

Discover the Magic of Reading Together

Literacy, social engagement, arts, and culture.

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Through our passionate fundraising efforts, we aim to gather the necessary resources and support to ignite the love for reading in children and create lasting positive impacts in their lives.

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Join us in creating magical moments at our Mommy and Me Pop-Up Library events. Help us spread the joy of reading and bonding with our community. Sign up to volunteer today!

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Enjoy heartwarming mommy and me moments, ignite your creativity with the Sparker experience, and dive into a world of inspiration and more with our captivating blog spot!

We Provide

Reading Clubs

Children and parents come together to discuss books, share recommendations, and engage meaningful conversations about literature.

Literacy Workshops

Workshops focused on promoting literacy skills among parents and caregivers, proving strategies and resources to enhance child's reading abilities.

Storytime Sessions

Interactive story time sessions where children can listen to captivating stories read aloud by volunteers or parents.

Book Swaps

Events where families can bring their gently used books and exchange them with others, fostering a sense of community and encouraring sustainable reading habits.

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Our mission is to foster a love for reading by making books accessible and creating engaging social experiences. We strive to unite communities, promote literacy, and endorse environmental sustainability through our pop-up library events and artistically recycled little free libraries.



Houston, Texas

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